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Kat Ocean

Hii, I'd love to share some fun facts about me...

Adventures are number one in my life. I have a mountain cat who joins me in on all of them.

My first camera was at the age of 6!

Graduated from N.A.I.T in the Photographic Technology Program. 

I'm madly in love with Cam.

I don't drink coffee, tea is my remedy.

Cooking is my jam.

I believe in being yourself and that peace & love are the truest forms of real happiness. 

Traveling is freeing to my soul. 

Music is life.

I love to read and continuously learn in everything I can. 

Snowboarder + Ski Instructor

I teach Night Time Photography.

Currently in the process of becoming a certified guide, I love being in the backcountry sooo much. 

& I live out in the forest with no cell phone reception! 

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